Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Sensory Friendly Film

posted on 2016-03-23 5:29 pm

Reconnect 4 Autism is hosting Batman vs Superman Sensory Friendly Film.

Malco Corinth Cinema
2505 S Harper Rd, Corinth, Mississippi 38834

FREE Admission for Individuals with Autism or other Special Needs with paid adult family member!!!!

Introducing Sensory Friendly Films!
Join us Saturday, March 26, 2016 to see “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice”!
Doors open at 9:00am and show starts at 9:30am.
$5.50/ Person (concessions will be sold separately)

Pre-purchase tickets and save time on event morning:!about/cjn9

Reconnect4Autism will be hosting a special group showing of the new movie "Batman v Superman". Check out the official trailer teaser:

Due to all of our wonderful sponsors Reconnect4Autism will be offering FREE Admission for Individuals with Autism or other Special Needs with paid adult family member at $5.50 each. We want to promote families being active together so our hope is that by making the films more affordable then everyone can join us and enjoy the opportunity. If you are in need of further assistance then please reach out to us by email ( or inbox message us on here. We do not want the cost to hinder any family from enjoying a fun time together. Be sure to Invite Friends and Family.

Be sure to check out our sponsors and find a way to say thanks to them all. For a full list please visit and click on Sponsorship. If you would like or know anyone who would like to become a sponsor then please check out the info and contact us.

Payment will be collected at the door. All forms of payment (debit, credit, checks and cash) will be accepted (No gift cards). Please arrive early in order to accommodate the lines and to get everyone into the theater in a timely manner for the show to begin. Remember that the entrance price does not include concessions so be prepared to purchase them separately.

Reconnect4Autism will handle the reservation process as we partner with Malco Theatres to provide sensory friendly movies in our area. Malco suggested and we agreed that offering options for older members in the community is a must. So here we go, for anyone interested but especially those teens in our area with special needs. We would like to encourage our teen audience to invite friends and have fun in a less stressful environment.

We lower the sound and raise the lighting for these showings to help those individuals that may be sensitive to the movie going experience!

Be mindful of our target audience which are those with special needs and the extra understanding they may need. There will be an atmosphere set where individuals can feel free to move around if needed and noise will not be a distraction to others in attendance.

Service dogs are welcome by Malco and Reconnect. These service dogs are trained specifically for their owner and we want to be respectful of that. Please do not pet or attempt to play with the dogs in anyway as this would be a distraction. These are working dogs so please be mindful of this.

This will be a FRAGRANCE free event! Some attendees may be allergic or have sensitivities to certain fragrances so we are asking everyone to please be mindful of this. Please do not wear perfume, colognes, or any strong scented products.

Our hope is that families are able to have experiences which normally present many challenges and that we can help to take some of those worries away as families enjoy time together.

Make your plans to attend and be sure to Invite and share with your friends that this opportunity might benefit! Great things are happening in North MS for autism and special needs.

If you are in the Tupelo area always remember to check out the events and sensory friendly shows happening with Bridge the Gap North MS