Immediate attention required on Senate Bill - SB 2567

posted on 2017-02-08 11:16 am

Dear Friend, 


A bill that would put control of three large state agencies in the hands of one person in our state, the governor, is currently awaiting action on the Senate floor. You may click the link below to read the bill.

Senate Bill - SB 2567

If passed, SB 2567 would place the Mississippi Department of Health, the Mississippi Department of Rehabilitation Services and the Mississippi Department of Mental Health under the governor. This would place three state agencies effecting people with disabilities and their families under the control of one person. This is a dangerous bill! We must ask our senators to oppose this bill should it come up for a vote. Please call your senator now as this bill will be voted on (if brought up) either today or tomorrow. 

You can call the Capitol switchboard at 601-359-3770 and leave a message for your senator. Remember a hand written note (even a short one) can have a tremendous impact. 

The deadline for a Senate vote on this bill is Thursday, February 9. That is tomorrow. PLEASE CALL NOW!

Thank you,

Matt Nalker,

          Executive Director

          The Arc of Mississippi

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You can find contact information for Mississippi Legislators @