Senate Bill 2384

posted on 2016-03-11 7:13 am
A bill to combine the Department of Rehabilitation Services, Department of Human Services and the Department of Medicaid was proposed in the Senate by Appropriations Committee Chairman Buck Clarke.  Today, the Senate voted on the bill and it passed.  It will now go over to the House.  Passing this bill could be a disaster for the BIA of MS and other disability organizations, people with disabilities and their families in the State.
Here are some concerns about SB2384.  Please contact your Representatives and ask them to vote against SB2384.  Passage of this bill is very possible in the House as well with all of the new House members and the alliances being made.  Please read the concerns outlined in the attachment and contact your Representatives ASAP.  If passed, the bill would go into affect on July 1st of this year.  Combining these three agencies would put the administration of the SCI/TBI Trust Fund in limbo, or worse, we don't know. 

This is a record of those that voted for Senate Bill 2384 to consolidate several departments including the Department of rehab into one department with governor appointed officials.…/pdf/v…/senate/0570003.pdf