CCD 2016 Legislative ACTION ALERT

posted on 2016-03-21 8:41 pm

We are up against another deadline at the Capitol and we need your help. All bills originating in the other house must pass out of committee by Tuesday to stay alive this year. Thanks to your actions so far, the Mississippi Achieving a Better Life Experience (ABLE) Act (SB 2607) passed the senate and is now waiting for action in the House Public Health and Human Services Committee. It has to pass this committee by Tuesday, March 22 (tomorrow) or it will be dead.

WE NEED YOU TO CALL or EMAIL MEMBERS OF THE PUBLIC HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES COMMITTEE and ask them to vote YES on SB 2607. Click the link below to read the bill.

If passed, the ABLE Act will allow individuals with disabilities to establish tax-free savings accounts to be used for qualified expenses without affecting their eligibility for public programs such as Medicaid and SSI (Supplemental Security Income). 

You can call the Capitol switchboard at 601-359-3770 or send an email to members of the Public Health and Human Services Committee by clicking their email in the table below. When you contact Chairman Sam Mims, ask him to make sure the bill comes up for a vote in the committee.

Sam C. Mims, V, Chairman

Chris Johnson, Vice-Chairman

Shane Aguirre

Nick Bain

Toby Barker

Christopher Bell

C. Scott Bounds

Chris Brown

Cedric Burnett

Larry Byrd

Bryant W. Clark

Deborah Butler Dixon

Jarvis Dortch

Dan Eubanks

Jeffery S. Guice

Joey Hood

Mac Huddleston

Doug McLeod

Nolan Mettetal

Orlando Paden

Brent Powell

Noah Sanford

Omeria Scott


Bobby Shows

Kathy Sykes

Brad Touchstone

Percy W. Watson

Jason White

Adrienne Wooten

This bill MUST pass the senate by Tuesday, March 22 or it will be dead. That is tomorrow. PLEASE CALL OR EMAIL NOW!

Thank you,

Pam Dollar, Executive Director

Coalition for Citizens with Disabilities