Fundraiser & More! May 22nd 2018

posted on 2018-05-19 8:00 pm

We are having another fundraiser and we are giving you the opportunity to work the event. This is a great chance to show everyone your abilities and your skills.

We need individuals to serve food, bus tables and greet guests. This is not only a fundraiser for the Arc of Northeast Mississippi, but it is a great way to ease your way into the work force. McAllisters keeps an eye on the volunteers, so here's a chance to show them what you can do!

Did you know that if you put in enough hours as a volunteer it can be considered "work experience"? Hmmm...something to think about folks!

After decades in the service industry, I will be on hand to share some of my secrets to success. For example: Check out the desert menu. When you are pre-bussing (picking up the dirty dishes from in front of them)..suggest one of McAllisters great deserts! It will not only make them happy...but it will make McAllisters and us money. The more they make..the more we take! 😁 We get 10% of the sales to go towards our annual picnic. The more we raise...the more we can do for you at the event this year. It's a situation! So come on out and work for a few hours and get some experience under your belt. Ill have you trained and working like a pro before the night is over.

Don't forget to invite your friends out to eat on May the 22nd... and remember...Kids Eat Free!

Call us 222-1850